Concert Series Summer 2023


Select a concert from the list below for further details:


Friday 31st March: Oliver Nelson (violin) and Vasilis Razitkis (piano)

Friday 14th April: Trio Akima

Friday 28th April: The Astatine Trio

Friday 2nd June 2023: Ani Batikian (violin) and Roland Roberts (piano)

Friday 16th June: Just Two

Friday 30th June: Nafis Umerkulova: Piano Recital

Friday 14th July: Trio Lalique (violin, cello and piano)

Friday 28th July: Lou Beckerman Trio: A Weaving of Jazz Jewels and Poetry

Friday 11th August: Karandash

Friday 25th August: David Jones (baritone singer) and George Ireland (piano)


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