Concert Series Winter 2019 – Summer 2020


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Please note that the concert on 20th March has been cancelled as one of the musicians is in self isolation because of the Corona virus pandemic.

Friday 15th November 15th: Ivana Peranic (Cello) and Rachel Fryer (Piano)
Friday 29th November: Juan Pablo Hinojosa (Piano)
Friday 6th December: 70th Birthday concert for Barry Mills and John Hawkins
Friday 24th January : Cello Duo: Pavlos Carvalho and Sarah Carvalho-Dubost
Friday 7th February: Oliver Nelson (Violin) and Vasilis Takitzis: (Piano)
Friday 21st February: Visions of Night (Piano: Helen Reid)
Friday 6th March: The Joss Peach Trio (Piano, Bass and Drums)
* Cancelled *: Friday 20th March: Anöna Trio (Voice, Sax and Piano)
Friday 3rd April: On that Note (a capella vocal group)
Friday 17th April: Phillip Leslie (Piano)
Friday 24th April: Timothy Dickinson (Bass-baritone) and Anyssa Neumann (Piano)

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