Friday October 14th: Bela Hartmann (piano)

A programme of two halves, one featuring three great and beloved piano works of the romantic imagination, Chopin’s great Ballade in G Minor with its manic ending, Schubert’s serene Impromptu in G Flat, and Beethoven’s ever popular “Grande Sonata Pathetique”. The second half features pianistic reimaginings of romantic vocal and orchestral works from the 19th century, from Mendelssohn’s choral cantata “Verleih uns Frieden” and Brahms’s “Liebeslieder Walzer” to Liszt’s late vision of one of Wagner’s favourite solos. The final piece, Adolf Schulz-Evler’s transcription of the Blue Danube, is a highlight of late romantic pianism, a tour de force of virtuosity to make any listener smile!