Friday 1st July: Di Bari – Semerano Piano Duo

Sharing like-minded musical views and a strong commitment to chamber music, pianists Giulia Semerano and Filippo Di Bari perform as a piano duo and are presently working on masterpieces written for this intimate ensemble, as well as lesser-known works from the XX and XXI century and collaborations with living composers. 

The works presented in this programme come from very different time periods. Composed three decades apart, Brahms’s Variations on a Theme by Schumann and Schubert’s Allegro in A minor bring us in the lyrical and tumultuous world of the Romantic aesthetics, presenting two highly individual expressions of the literature for piano duet of that period. Casella and Debussy’s works, on the other hand, present us with a musical depiction of war and with exquisite sound poetry of archaic inspiration, referencing the classical world of Ancient Greece. You will also hear some transcriptions of Bach by Kurtag.